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    Paul Matheus Hoffmann, ’17

    Finance and accounting, Saudi Arabia

    Photo: Paul Matheus HoffmannPaul was looking for a university where he could enroll in a strong business program and have a classic campus experience in the northeast, where he hopes to build a career after graduation. Syracuse had everything he was looking for; a highly respected academic program and great sports teams, all on a beautiful campus that was just the right size for him.

    A serious student, Paul has made the dean’s list each semester. “It is not easy, but is manageable, as long as you manage your time responsibly and work hard on your work for your classes,” he says. “I have found a great balance between my academic commitments and social commitments which allows me to excel at my school work and get the grades needed to be on the dean's list.” When he’s not studying, Paul plays football, runs, and spends time with friends. He’s also a member of the investment and entrepreneurship clubs. After graduation, Paul hopes to launch a financial services consulting career in New York City.

    One of Paul’s favorite SU memories happened his first semester on campus. “We played Duke University on our campus in basketball to mark the beginning of our rivalry since we had just switched to the ACC conference,” he says. “The game went to overtime and we ended up winning. The atmosphere around campus was incredible - I’ll never forget it.”

    For those about to begin their Syracuse adventure, Paul shares this advice: “This university is a great opportunity to meet a variety of people, from all over the world and the U.S. The city gets very cold and has a lot of snow, so just keep that in mind. This University gives you an opportunity to form friendships and relationships that can last forever. I wish I were in your shoes and heading into my freshman year again to relive all the great moments I have had at Syracuse.”