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    Prerit Gupta, ’20

    Architecture, UAE

    Photo: Prerit Gupta, '20Prerit Gupta grew up watching the skyline of Dubai transform from a barren desert landscape into a bustling metropolis. He was captivated by the architectural marvels around him and the creativity, aesthetics, and precision they symbolized. That experience, paired with his interests in the arts and math sparked an interest in architecture, which led him to the B.Arch program at Syracuse University

    Prerit chose Syracuse University for its five-year accredited B. Arch program, one of the best in the country. “It attracts some of the best minds in the world,” says Prerit. “I knew studying and interacting with them would add significantly to my education. The architecture program at Syracuse has study abroad opportunities appealed to me a lot; that also influenced my decision. Another big contributing factor in choosing Syracuse was the merit scholarship I was offered.”
    When he’s not busy in the studio, Prerit likes to spend time with friends, watching movies and relaxing. He also enjoys spending his free time playing sports.
    After graduation, Prerit hopes to become a practicing architect at a top architecture firm. Besides practicing architecture, he hopes to travel the world and experience new cultures and traditions.
    Prerit’s advice to future SU student: “Don’t let the winter scare you. Enjoy every moment at SU and try to exploit the endless possibilities.”