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SU MENAT Family Virtual Get Together

In November of 2020, Generation Orange alumni hosted Syracuse University alumni from the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey in three separate meetings. These virtual get-togethers celebrated the sesquicentennial anniversary of Syracuse and offered an opportunity for alumni from several generations to network and share their university and life experiences. The alumni were joined by several MENAT students currently studying at Syracuse! These virtual meetings made the best of the pandemic which has limited university travel and events in the region.

New Student Send-Offs

Incoming freshmen, their parents, current students and alumni gathered to get acquainted and learn more about life at Syracuse University.

Admitted Student Program

Newly admitted students gathered across the region for an informal welcome to the Syracuse University family and meet Syracuse University alumni.

Beirut National Museum Visit

A group of alumni gathered for a guided visit to the Beirut National Museum and casual reunion at a nearby hotel.