Iman (Al Bahar) Qatami, ’79

Principal, Al Qatami Trading Company

Iman QatamiIman (Al Bahar) Qatami graduated from SU in 1979 with a degree from the College of Engineering and Computer Science. While at Syracuse, she was a member of the women’s basketball team.

A principal at Al Qatami Trading Company, Al Qatami has been an active SU alumnus in the Middle East region. She has organized several gatherings for fellow alumni living in the Kuwait area. Recently, she joined the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (MENAT) Regional Council as a founding member. Al Qatami’s professional experience and business connections, as well as her passion for her alma mater and commitment to promoting it to prospective students, are tremendous assets in realizing the council’s objectives of increasing student applications and creating strategic partnerships in the region.