Yigit Eyuboglu '21

  Yigit Eyuboglu '21  Yigit is a student who likes to focus on the big picture in every situation. Growing up in Turkey, he had always wanted to go international with every move he had in mind. After finishing his high school education in Switzerland, he wanted to pursue the American way of education. Wanting to learn Economics like his parents and other mentors, he found Syracuse University. With SU’s history of accomplishments in the business world and its notable alumni, Yigit made the decision to represent and be represented by Syracuse University.

 As a current senior, Yigit is also minoring in Psychology and was a former assistant to a psychology professor. He says “attending Syracuse University made me realize the amount of possibilities and opportunities that one can pursue. I like the fact that SU supports its international students with a separately specific, but in a united way.”

 Upon graduation, Yigit wants to complete his full American experience by working in a financial sector and use his knowledge and experience earned at Syracuse University. In the future, he is hoping to help bolster his own country by being one of the key people in Turkey’s business world.